DU Launches System For Faculty Members To Update Personal, Professional Details

The very flexible system as the faculty members will not have to wait for the year to end, for their achievements to be updated on the university’s website.
The Univesity Information Management System a new launch to manage the personal and the professional information precisely, for the faculty members by Delhi University. Under this system, the personal and professional information of the faculty members will have to be updated on the website from time to time. The execution of this system is done not only to bring uniformity in the format but also to know them more in a better possible way. It is probably a very flexible system as the faculty members will not have to wait for the annual update of the database and can update it themselves on a regular basis. University Information Management System and Its Working Module:
  • An OTP has been given to the department heads and faculty members to login to the system and to upload their details.
  • Updating their profiles can be done on a regular basis.
  • For instance, if there has been the completion of some research paper or an additional course by a professor; he/she will get the advantage of updating the details immediately when they do it and will not have to wait the entire year for its update on the website.
  • All of these details will be uploaded on the website, not binding the faculty members to upload their Adhar details. The last day to upload these details was Thursday i.e. 11th October 2018.
Privacy Invasion: EC member Rajesh Shah read in a letter that the teachers who have already submitted their PAN card and other personal documents to the concerned branches should not be directed to submit them again and again. Although, the idea of the submission of the Adhar card details is being opposed many of the professors as they feel that it is a complete violation of the Supreme Court verdict and an invasion of their privacy. They have even written to DU’s vice-chancellor objecting against the same to the administration under the application of this ‘University Information Management System.’ Last month, it was declared by the Supreme Court, the Centre’s flagship Aadhaar scheme as constitutionally valid but it is said to be struck down some of its provisions including its linking with mobile phones, bank accounts, and school admissions. According to the letter, the university’s website has already updated the timetable of the teachers. “The EC provides for periodicity for the submission for student attendance, and then what is the need for asking the number of classes taken in a specified period? It clearly shows the intent of suspicion of the administration towards the teachers,” the letter said. The University Management System is a great step towards Digital India with its own pros and cons. As the university faculty members are opposing it for submission of Adhar card so let’s see what will be the fate of this system.

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