Creamy Layer Of JEE Rankers Opts For IIT-B

IIT-Bombay has been and still is widely preferred by top engineering aspirants. This year too, IIT-Bombay had experienced the same crush. 65 of the top 100 JEE rankers opted for the Powai-based institute. Most of them opted for computer science.

Like the previous years, IIT-Delhi stood second, with 31 of the top 100 joining it. IIT-Bombay Director-Devang Khakhar was of the view that the students were craving for IIT-Bombay due to it being the best institute. When looking at all the rankings, we are well placed on the student perception level.

Two decades ago IIT-Kharagpur enjoyed the same status. It was considered as the mecca of engineering education in India. Next came IIT-Madras or Kanpur. “While IIT-Bombay and Delhi were in the developing stage, Kharagpur’s students ensured themselves top posts in firms of high repute,” said a former JEE chairman.

IIT-B got 201 students, Delhi 137 from top 500

The large number thronging IIT-B justifies its worth. A total of 201 of the top ranked 500 students got admission in IIT-B this year, with Delhi getting 137. Each of the three old institutes could only get 50-odd students from the top 500.

Experts were of the opinion that various factors proved to be instrumental in this regard for reordering — from geography to gastronomy and from placement records to what coaching classes instill in their students.

While IIT-Bombay has been adding more plus to its performance over the years, but Madras has seen a downward trend. One reason that has come up is that the food on the Madras campus is not as good as Bombay or Delhi. But we get some of the finest students,” said a dean from IIT-Madras.

Interestingly, four students from the top 100, 53 from the first 500 and 123 from the top 1,000 are from other categories and some of them did not use the quota to join the IITs, said a JEE chairman.

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