Coaching centres in Mumbai Go Digital This Exam Season

As digitisation surges in popularity across various sectors in the country, the coaching classes in Mumbai have also embraced the power of digitization at helping students with exam preparations. Mobile apps and video-recorded lectures keep the students company as they burn the midnight oil during exam season. Atharva Datar, who is currently busy with his HSC board exams and has been receiving coaching from renowned the PACE institute for the past two years added, “All the centres of the institute are connected by video. The lecture is then relayed to all classes. So they need only one teacher to teach all batches,” he said, adding that the lectures are also uploaded on YouTube where they become readily accessible.


Popular centres show the Way

MT Educare, one of the more prominent coaching centre in the city offers its e-learning app, Robomate Plus for every student that is pursuing courses across academic streams, and not just for the one that are enrolled with the tuition centre. Dr Chhaya Shastri, Director at MT Educare, said, “We offer online tests on different subjects on this app. Students can then assess the extent of their preparedness for exams.” The app is available free of cost for a trial period after which students can continue to access subject material at a reasonable price. “We also have a helpline named ‘Hum se Puccho,’ including 24×7 hand-holding and solving of doubts by teachers live on the other side of the telephone call,” Dr Shastri said. A regular user of Robomate, Yash Paharia added, “We can attempt a test series which follows after each chapter. This helps us clear our doubts.”

Dr Keyur Cholera of Mindsetters, however, exclusively believes in traditional classroom teaching. “Students doubts are always cleared on a one-to-one basis with the teachers,” he said. The students, meanwhile, seem content to combine the best of both worlds to their benefit.


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