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Chhattisgarh Higher Education Department: Exams To be Held Only For Final Year Students

The Chhattisgarh higher education department has chosen to direct college tests just for final year students in the state taking into account the coronavirus flare-up, an authority said on Tuesday. The staying yearly and semester tests of state colleges, which were suddenly delayed due to the coronavirus-actuated across the nation lockdown, won’t be held, he said.

“Considering measures being taken to control COVID-19, tests just for definite year/semester of colleges will be held. The request in such manner was given by the higher education department on Monday evening,” a public relations official said.

Assessments for students of the last year and last semester will be led after the lockdown closes, he said.

All yearly and semester tests of correspondence (non-ordinary) students of colleges will likewise be held after the lockdown closes, he said.

In addition, the department has requested that colleges assess the appropriate response sheets of subjects, for which assessments were held before March 14 (for graduate and post-graduate students with the exception of conclusive year/last semester).

The colleges have likewise been approached to grant marks for outstanding subjects (of which assessments won’t be held), either dependent on the students’ past test execution or imprints acquired in the inner tests or task works, the authority said.

The colleges have been given the choice to survey students dependent on any of the three referenced rules or they can choose more other options, he said.

On the off chance that students are not happy with marks given through this procedure and need to improve his/her evaluation, at that point exceptional assessments will be held for such students one year from now, he said.

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