Central University for the ‘Divyang’ Soon

It melts hearts to see the disabled students to struggle at colleges to reach out to their basic needs without proper amenities. But now a news of cheer…a joy for them! Central government has decided to set up a Central University which will cater to the needs of the disabled students across the country

Barrier-free education for ‘Divyang’

Union HRD minister Prakash Javadekar made the announcement at his convocation address at Shakuntala Mishra Rehabilitation University, Lucknow. Javadekar empathised, “The government is sensitive to needs of disabled and which is why PM Narendra Modi has coined the term ‘divyang’. PM has asked all higher education institutions to ensure barrier-free movement for disabled students. Ramps and lifts are must in all institutions.”

He added, “The new education is all – inclusive in nature. Here differently abled are given education along with the normal kids inside the same classroom. It is a sign of free and new India. Inclusive education encourages the disabled to learn more and boosts their confidence, but it is the already empowered students who gain more. They learn to be sensitive.”

Earlier, university vice-chancellor Nishith Rai had expressed his desire to set up a Braille Press for helping visually impaired students. Thus, the HRD minister offered financial assistance to the university for setting up the desired Braille Press inside the campus. He has sought a proposal in this regard.

British Culture Away from Convocations

Javadekar expressed his happiness at another thing,” I am happy to see students and teachers dressed in Indian attire. There are no black British gowns, finally. 53 medals were awarded to 37 students at the third convocation of the Shakuntala Mishra Rehabilitation University. Of this, 28 went to the girls and only nine to the boys, proving that given a chance, girls are no less.

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