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12 Most Remarkable Benefits Of Creating Creative Classrooms

creative classrooms

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” -Albert Einstein The phenomenon of creativity is very fascinating, as it makes us ponder and imagine. Some enjoy it as recreation or fun, while others find the meaning of life through it.  Let us explore this realm of never-ending ideas: Creativity is nothing but a new perspective to look at […]

Employability Is The Key Element For University 4.0


The Background It has been a never-ending debate on ‘The Purpose Aspect’ of Universities to date since the establishment of the University of Bologna Italy, the oldest university in the world. In India, since 1857 when the first 3 Universities were established, the University of Calcutta, the University of Bombay & the University of Madras, […]

RTU Already Following Multi-Disciplinary Approach For Learning

multi-disciplinary learning

The New Education Policy which was officially introduced on 29th July 2020, strongly emphasized the multi-disciplinary learning, teaching, and research. The policy was officially introduced in the country last month but many institutions in Rajasthan are already following a multi-disciplinary way of learning.

NTA To Conduct Common Entrance Test For HEIs

NTA conduct common entrance test

According to the New Education Policy released on Wednesday, the National Testing Agency (NTA) will be provided additional charge to conduct a common entrance test for admission to Higher Education Institutions across the country. Till the date, NTA conducts common entrance test conducts all the engineering exams- JEE Main, medical exam- NEET, JNUEE, DUET, UGC NET, and other examinations across the nation.