Bergner Group To Support Red Light Areas Women

Bergner Group To Support Red Light Areas Women

The firm provides basic professional training to women between the age of 14 and 45

‘Second Chance’ is a project by Cooperación Internacional, a Spain-based NGO with its presence since 1993 and Grace Harvest Ministry (GHM), a Mumbai-based NGO working in slum areas, with support from Bergner Group. Together, they aim to rehabilitate the lives of women working in red light areas and give them means to a new livelihood and a source of income. 

Bergner is a kitchenware company originating from Europe and with a growing presence in India. Through this initiative, it has committed support to women working in various red light areas of Mumbai by training them in basic educational, health and legal skills along with job training in the textile sector.

This initiative provides basic training to these women, between the age of 14 and 45, so as to normalise their social reintegration. They are professionally trained in basic skills like sewing, a trade that opens the possibility of jobs in their local environment.


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