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Universalizing Education And Skilling Through Metaverse

Universalizing Education And Skilling Through Metaverse

Metaverse in Education: Have you played any online games like Caesar, Game of Thrones, Building Farms and trading its food grains, or taken a virtual tour of a city or a new housing project? If your answer is ‘Yes’ or you are aware that such online games or virtual tours exist, then you have already […]

Has Covid19 Given Us A Chance To Change The Academic Year To January – December?

academic year

The Covid19 pandemic has compelled the government, schools & colleges to push the start of the new academic year to September 2020 instead of June 2020; further parents & their unions are not ready to send their wards till Covid19 pandemic completely stops.  Can this be considered as a chance to change the archaic academic […]

This Lockdown Period, Avoid Falling Into A ‘Learning Trap’

lockdown period

In this Covid-19 lockdown period, there has been a tsunami of people wanting to opt for online courses, certifications through various platforms like Coursera, Edx, UpGrad, LinkedIn Learning, etc. to ‘upgrade’ their skills. This is the period in which the “Learn, Un-Learn, Re-Learn” phenomenon has been on the rise for good. Platforms like above which […]