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Artificial Intelligence is the Need of Hour: Prof Dilip Chandra Nath

Artificial Intelligence, also known as machine intelligence, is demonstrated and conducted by machines in contrast to the average intelligence displayed by humans.  It was back in 1956; the term was first used by John Macarthy. But it came in use much before 1956.

It was for the first time that this subject came for lively thoughtfulness at the 6th anniversary of Pritam Bhattacharjee memorial lecture and annual prize distribution ceremony under the sponsorship of Keshav Smarak Samiti, Silchar.

Prof Dilip Chandra Nath, Vice-Chancellor, Assam University, speaking on the theme “Application of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Studies” in front of the packed audience of teachers, students and academicians on Monday at the auditorium of Gurucharan College, said, “AI is the need of the hour, particularly in the field of higher education.”

For the ever-increasing graph of the number of students and teachers and the constrained accommodation, preparation of routine for multiple classes in multiple disciplines is very much unlikely to be done by human intelligence. Application of AI has become imperative and unavoidable, he cautioned, with a rider as risk factors are also onboard in the process.

After all, it is the man behind the operation of machines. Any wrong or incorrect information fed into a computer can derail the set things. The functioning of big libraries in colleges and universities, particularly in cataloging and all other related matters of collection and issue of books, is all based on Artificial Intelligence, Prof Nath pointed out.

New challenges have come up in front of higher education with modern education policies. In 1950, the number of universities was 26, on this day it has come up around 1000. In contrast to 600 colleges in 1950, it has grown massively to 50,000. Along with the massive expansion, the capacity has shrunk. Foreign Universities are also entering the Indian academic market. “AI alone can meet their challenges,” Prof Dilip Chandra Nath explained.

The use of robots and machines is the use of AI, a mix up of computer and information science. Increasing the use of robots indicates its ability to bring all knowledge and solve all problems. Flight operations worldwide are controlled more by Artificial Intelligence than Human Intelligence. Professor Chandra Nath emphasized that IITs are more advanced in the use of personalized assistance for the benefit of students throughout the enrolment process.

With the introduction of CBCS in higher and secondary education, the application of AI has become a necessary and critical thought of the authorities concerned.

AI can provide 24X7 personalized assistance to students throughout the enrolment process. Required techniques are yet in the development phase.

After all, AI, as Prof Dilip Chandra Nath summed up, is ‘responsive, decisive, authentic, and independent.’ AI is going to be the kingmaker in the Future. A question-answer session followed the oration.

At the outset, Khounish Chandra Chakraborty, president, briefed the audience about the donation of a fund of Rs. 21 lakh by educationist and father of Pritam Bhattacharjee to Keshav Smarak Samiti, to hold a memorial lecture in memory of his son by eminent academicians on subjects of academic interest and also announced incentives to meritorious students for their academic excellence and achievements.

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