Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial Intelligence in Education – NOT A FICTION ANYMORE

Start of an era that will be keen for more Artificial Intelligence not only in movies but also use artificial intelligence in education

We all have grown up seeing all those science fiction movies like Artificial Intelligence(2001) which took us to another world of robots, humanoids and everything beyond our imagination and belief.  It really took us to another fantasy world that in general hard to believe.

As time passes of artificial intelligence is becoming indispensable for our lives now. From taking pictures on the camera to automatic email replies we even cant think their extinction now. One such field which applies various artificial intelligence is EDUCATION.

It’s not like you start asking where are humanoids or robots who are teaching in classes? But apart from that vauge imagination artificial intelligence have many other offerings for education improvisation.

So let’s learn all whats and hows of  Artificial Intelligence in Education… and take our Education system to a next level.

Artificial Intelligence in Education

What is Artificial Intelligence ??

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a machine or any device that is created to work and act like a human by feeding the required instructions to the computer. This involves three elements Learning, Reasoning, and Self Correction.

Learning involves the acquisition of information and rules for using information and proceeding for the next step. The second element is  Reasoning to use rules to finally reach conclusions that may be approximate or definite. Lastly, Self Correction to autocorrect at its own.

After learning what is AI lets see how artificial intelligence can be used for education..

Grading in Artificial Intelligence

1. Make Grading Easy And More Effective In Your Classroom

Teachers are doing duties in their respective institutions. Apart from teaching, they should also correct papers, grade the students and take attendance.

Teaching a student consumes more time when the student strength in a classroom is high. Teachers can save this time and prepare for their lecture or clear any sorts of doubts of the students.

Although machines cannot help in correcting essays and long answers, they can be useful to assess the MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) and other questions that have one-line answers.

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Several scientists are conducting vast research to make the best use of AI in the field of education. In the future, AI can also help in correcting essays also. AI will to reduce the paperwork of teachers and allow them to concentrate on their teaching activity alone.

Pay attention to each and every child by using AI

2. Pay Attention To Each And Every Child By Using AI

Every Student is unique. Teachers in a classroom cannot concentrate and teach students individually. It will take enormous time if the class strength is high.

Students can improve in their studies if they could get individual attention from their teachers, which is a hypothetical thing in a class of 50.

Artificial Intelligence can be a great tool to use for this.

Data of the students’ previous performance are getting stored into the computer; AI will analyze the data and will know about the students’ strength and weakness.

After getting the required input of the student, the customized software responds according to the student’s capacity to learn and grasp knowledge. Individual study material is prepared, based on the student’s mental state and additional clarification is also provided to the students for their betterment.  

Students will be immensely benefited by this teaching method as it teaches the way he likes.

With the improvement of AI, the teaching community will find it easy to clarify the students doubt and cascade their knowledge in a positive manner.

Artificial Intelligence A Guide For Teachers

3. Artificial Intelligence A Guide For Teachers

Students sometime will be unable to understand the explanation of a teacher and the teacher might also leave the lecture incomplete, because of which the students could not understand the topic properly.

The teacher might not know the reason when a majority of the students commit the same mistakes for a particular question. AI informs the teacher and helps the teacher to correct the errors in the teaching process and guides them in helping the students.

Online courses use this AI facility which is helping a vast number of students to learn in the right way. The AI keeps on tracking the students’ progress on a regular basis making it easier for the teacher to guide the student so as to improve their knowledge base.

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Teachers can also change the method of teaching with the feedback they get about the students’ progress and help the students by giving a better explanation.

Artificial Intelligence As Tutor But Not As Teacher

4. Artificial Intelligence As Tutor But Not As Teacher

Many students nowadays are getting educated through online courses and distant education method.

Classes are conducted not only for certificate courses and higher education but also for elementary and high schools too. Because of various constraints many students’ wish to study from their home; AI tutors are a boon to such student community. AI knows everything about a student as it has data about the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

AI can teach the fundamental principles of a subject, but cannot go deep into the subject matter and teach them the high- level course material. Only real teachers with creativity and experience can make the students understand such a subject.

With research and development that is happening in the AI world, the day is not far away when a machine can teach any subject.

Feedback Using Artificial Intelligence

5. Feedback Using AI About The Students Progress

In the future, students will be able to learn subjects with customized study material. Teachers will have to focus on improving the fundamentals of a student. AI will monitor a student and prepare study material according to his intelligence and grasping power.

AI will regularly monitor the student’s progress and give feedback to the teachers. These feedbacks and suggestions will help in improving the knowledge base of both students and teachers. Teachers, with the help of data, can take necessary actions for the improvement of a student.

AI can also help students to select subjects that are appropriate for their knowledge. When a student chooses a subject considering his or her strengths and weaknesses, it gives him the confidence to learn and succeed.

Similarly, AI can give suggestion to a student by going through his educational progress in the earlier years. It will surely help the student to pursue a career depending upon his or her learning capacity.

Swapping Of Roles Of Artificial Intelligence And Teachers

6. Swapping Of Roles Of Artificial Intelligence And Teachers

In future, if we use  Artificial Intelligence to help in Education  in grading, giving suggestions, and feedbacks it will be a great help. AI will be answering questions and teaching basic fundamentals to the students.

A teacher will take up the role of a coordinator. Teachers with the help of AI inputs about the students will assist the struggling students. They will act as a human bridge between the AI machine and Students.

Already this has happened in many schools that are conducting online classes.

Artificial Intelligence to Boost confidence in students

7.  Use AI To Boost Confidence In Students

Most of the students fear classrooms. It may be because of the teacher, subject or fear of failing.

Machines will also point out the mistakes, but students feel very embarrassed when a teacher talks about a mistake in a fully packed classroom.  In front of an intelligent machine, students feel less tensed. They feel free to ask their doubts. AI machines help students in gaining knowledge by giving suggestions for improving their skills.

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Outside the classroom whenever a student needs help, AI can provide support by providing additional information the student requires, through computers.

quality of education using Artificial Intelligence

8. Enhancing The Quality Of Education Using AI

Computers possess data of all the future and present students in its vast database. Data so collected is used to choose the best-suited curriculum for the students.

As the courses are designed keeping the students in mind, it will be a learning experience for them.

By using AI, students can easily select their suitable courses and colleges where they want to study. AI is dependent on the performance and intelligence of the students.

Joining the AI suggested college and course will be the best option to succeed in his higher education career for any student.

Artificial Intelligence in Education

9. AI To Learn Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

AI has the potential to change the face of education within a short duration of time. With AI there are no boundaries and the World has become smaller.

AI is useful when the strength of teachers is less when compared to the student population. Students can choose whatever subject they want and can learn during the best suitable time to them and from wherever they live. AI will replace some teaching staff. Computers will provide the online education material chosen by the AI, based on the students’ performance data.

Switch to AI and digitally transform the education system

The education field has seen tremendous change with the introduction of AI. Students are feeling confident as they could clear all their doubts with the touch of a button.

AI is still in its nascent stage in this field. A lot of research is getting conducted across the globe on the AI. Research states that there will be a significant impact in the way AI is currently dominating the market.

With the improvement of technology in the current market, AI will be able to cater to the requirements of each and every student. Starting from the fundamentals to the concepts, you will be able to use AI to teach your students easily.

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