Dr. Bhaskar Bhowmick


IIT Kharagpur

Since 2011, Dr.Bhaskar Bhowmick is associated with Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship, IIT Kharagpur. He is working in the area of innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Apart from research and academics, Bhaskar has thirteen years of industry experience in sales and marketing with Indian MNCs. He gives equal importance to teaching and research. Through teaching, he is helping and encouraging his students to shape their innovative ideas.He is bringing appropriate technology lab to the lap of nature and co-working with NGOs and rural communities. Bhaskar and his team are working to gain in-depth knowledge of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and to predict the success of future enterprises with consolidated understanding of supply chain techniques. He is also working on social inclusion through his research with people living at the bottom of the pyramid and women entrepreneurs.