Onscreen assessment system: Academic council congratulates Sanjay Deshmukh

University of Mumbai’s Vice-Chancellor, Sanjay Deshmukh is currently on a forced leave He is facing severe criticism for introducing an onscreen assessment system. But the Academic Council (AC) has surprised all by congratulating him for the decision.

While the matter was not on the agenda of the AC meeting, a motion to congratulate Deshmukh was proposed by one of the members of the council. Members of the AC congratulated the decision to adopt onscreen assessment system taken under the guidance of Dr Deshmukh.

What It Means

This means the resolution will find a mention in the minutes of meeting of the AC, unless the acting V-C decides otherwise.

The Case’s Background

Deshmukh was sent on forced leave by Chancellor and Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao after the former faced flak over delay in results from students, opposition parties and the government. He was blamed for hastily implementing the new process that led to an unprecedented delay in declaration of results. This year, the results were delayed by almost three months as the varsity was not prepared for the transition from manual to onscreen assessment.

Not All Are Happy

A resolution to congratulate Deshmukh has not been received well by teachers. In a meeting with the acting V-C teachers’ groups raised the matter.

“He told us a resolution was not passed but the matter came up for discussion. Why should a decision that put the future of so many students in jeopardy be congratulated? Why should it even come up for discussion?” said Vaibhav Narwade, a teacher. “We condemn such a resolution or discussion as it is disrespectful to the Chancellor. We have demanded that those who proposed and supported the motion be reported to the chancellor.”

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