10 key Takeaways From PM Narendra Modi's Pariksha Pe Charcha

10 key Takeaways From PM Narendra Modi’s Pariksha Pe Charcha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday interacted with students, teachers, and parents during Pariksha Pe Charcha virtually. The Union Education Minister said that 32 channels of Swayam Prabha including Doordarshan and various platforms of government telecasted the program live for students, teachers, and parents. Here’s a look at important highlights from PM Narendra Modi’s speech. PM Narendra Modi’s quote:

  1. If a lot has been lost in the Corona period, a lot has been found. The first lesson of Corona is that the people whom you missed have played a big role in your life and became more known during the Corona period.
  2. While we can say that students have lost a year of their lives due to Covid, due to the pandemic, they learned the true value of many essential things.
  3. What you read cannot be the only measure of success or failure in your life. What you do in life will determine your success and failure.
  4. Connect with your kids, learn their likes and dislikes. When you involve yourself in your kids’ worlds, it will reduce the generation gap, and they too will understand your point of view.
  5. I am sure all the exam warriors will do well on exams! Study as much as you can, celebrate life as much as you can, because this is your time, conquer it!
  6. Be calm when you enter the exam hall. Leave all your tension and nervousness outside the hall. Just focus on the questions, don’t anticipate bad scenarios, be confident about your hard work and preparation
  7. Unfortunately, we have build up so many expectations around marks and examinations that we often forget that they are just stepping stones and not the destination, your marks do not decide your future. An exam is just the beginning of a fruitful career.
  8. The first step to motivate anyone is with proper training. Once the child’s mind is trained, then the time for motivation will begin. Involve, internalize, associate, and visualize. You can follow this formula to sharpen memory.
  9. I want to request my young friends that once the examinations are over, make a list of all the things you use and identify how many of those things are local and how many of them foreign and try to buy local products to strengthen the vision of #AatmaNirbharBharat and #VocalforLocal.
  10. We are celebrating 75 years of independence as #AmritMahotsav, I want my young friends to write about our freedom fighters and think about the next 75 years of the nation.

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