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Ancient games weekend will be hosted in Mumbai University



ancient games - Mumbai University

Mumbai University is hosting the ancient games weekend from June 16thto 17th. This event is an attempt to revive thirteen Indian games from well-known ones like chess and gulli-danda to lesser noted ones like Pallanguzhi, which involves the gathering of cowrie coins.

Ultimately the goal is to bridge the inter-generational gap while simultaneously having fun,” says Yogini Aatreya, a student organiser of the games.

This idea was conferred at a geology and archaeology exhibition last year at the University, where it absolutely met with enthusiasms. “We had 3 generations of individuals with full of excitement crowding around the game stall. There was a 70-year-old man teaching an 8-year-old girl strategy. Through the sport they come up an otherwise unlikely relationship i.e friendship,” says Yogini Aatreya, a student organiser of the games.

These games will need mental agility and strategic thinking.

Games in store are -:

Pachisi: It has been played in India for many centuries. One of the earliest mentions of Pachisi is in the Mahabharata, in the famous game of dice in which Yudhishthira lost to the Kauravas.

Tablan: A checkers-like game for two, it was once played in the districts of the princely state of Mysore, with both players sitting on the long side of the board.

Chaturanga: This game gave rise to chess. It was originally played with dice.

Navakankari/Naukhade: It is known as Nine Men’s Morris in English. This game probably came to India with the Indo-Roman trade. Played the world over, it is a two-player strategy game requiring quick thinking and agile moves.

Wagh-Bakri (Tiger-Goat): It was a game also called Ādu Puli Āttam in Tamil and Malyalam, Meka Puli Ātta in Telugu and Ādu Huli Ātta in Kanada.

Ali Guli Mane: It is an abstract strategy board game of Karnataka. It is known as Chenna Mane in Tulu and Pallanguzhi in Tamil. It means wooden board with holes.

Chaupar: It is a tougher version of Pachisi.

Mokshapattnam: It is called Snakes and Ladder in the recent times. This game was built to learn about karma, moksha, kamas, destiny, desire, etc.

Sagar Gote: It is a classic favourite played with five big round seeds (Jage/Sagar goti). It improves concentration, hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Ashtachamma: This game probably descended from the ancient Ashtāpad game. Traditionally, cowrie shells are used as dice: if all four shells land inverted, you make a score of four (chamma) and if all land straight you make a score of eight (Ashta) and get a bonus throw.

Vithi Dandu: It is played by a group consisting of minimum four people. It is popular across rural India with variations in name and scoring method.


Blockchain Summit INDIA 2019



blockchain summit 2019

The Summit is targeted towards enabling Indian government and ministries to speed up the process of developing a flourished Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem. Global Blockchain brands and government bodies are joining to make India, a Blockchain capital.

Vision Blockchain 2030!

Started with a vision to bring full transparency in Governance and a flourished economy for India in coming 10 years.

Blockchain Summit India 2019 is first edition in series of Vision Blockchain 2030. Indian Government, various ministries, country’s premium academic institutes and country’s most influential people are participating to support the initiative.

Making India Blockchain Capital

The Summit is targeted towards enabling Indian government & ministries to speed up the process of developing a flourished Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem. Global Blockchain brands and government bodies are joining to make India, a Blockchain capital.

Why get involved?

Exhibition offers a great return on your investment and gives you a chance to achieve several goals at once. PITCH STOP provides an opportunity for you to engage with key decision makers and demonstrate your products and services. This is your chance to shine and showcase your organization and be a force in the industry.


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DIDAC INDIA Exhibition, Conference & Workshop 2019




Didac India is Asia’s only event showcasing educational, training, technology and didactic resources & solutions for Education and Training professionals from across the globe to experience, evaluate and purchase an innovative and comprehensive range of edtech products & solutions. The exhibition serves as a comprehensive platform to meet executives and decision-makers from educational and training institutes globally and assist in implementing concepts and enhance their educational standards at par with global practices.

It is the BEST forum for exhibitors to meet, interact and showcase advanced and innovative resources to education stakeholders, institutions & companies to facilitate the continuous improvement of instructional teaching and learning development. The platform is the perfect marketing opportunity for face-to-face interactions with vendors and the creation of new channel partners.

Didac India is an ideal stage to tap the Asian market and network across continents with educators and those from the Educational Resources and Training sector.

A visit to DIDAC INDIA 2019 is a must for all in this sector. Update your global overview of education, training trends,  products and solutions. Network with educators across the continents and those from the educational supplies & training industry.

Why Exhibit?

DIDAC INDIA is the most influential trade event in the region of Educational Resources, Training and Technology-based solutions for all levels and sectors of the Indian Education and Training Industry. It is a platform to reach out to Education Leaders and professionals from across the globe and make their Brand visible in the fastest and progressing education industry.

Why Visit?

The Exhibition cum Conference is the meeting point of the international Education and Training industry. Exhibitors from various countries around the Globe will showcase products & services for all levels and sectors of education & training.

Didac India  is the best platform for visitors from Education and Training sector:

  • To update global overview of education,training trends and products
  • To implement new concepts and enhance educational standards and practices
  • To catch a glimpse of the most advanced and innovative education materials to manage institutions in a better, more effective and competitive manner and thus facilitate the continuous improvement of instructional teaching and learning development
  • To view the latest and innovative technology, modern instruments, supplies and training solutions, inventive materials, latest methodology, contemporary educational advances and services from the leading manufacturers who aid and fuel learning, teaching and skill improvement
  • To see, evaluate and purchase a comprehensive range of educational


Every year, The International Education & Skill Summit (TIESS) is held concurrently with Didac India Exhibition. TIESS is the global education and training dialogue emphasizing on various advancements and developments in the international education scenario with a special focus on India.

The 3-day conference is the best platform for the Leaders of Education and Training sector to:

  • Discuss the Challenges & Opportunities in education and training globally
  • Network with passionate educators, leaders, and experts on one platform
  • Emphasize on various advancements and developments in the global education scenario
  • Deliberate on the rapid developments in technology and communication
  • Recognize the importance of knowledge-based societies
  • Review the education and skills framework in developed countries vis-a-vis developing countries
  • Examine the role of key education stakeholders

Exhibition Highlights- Didac India 2018

The 10th edition of Didac India exhibition commenced with a grand opening by International ministers & ministry delegates from 11 countries, 7 state ministers and key education stakeholders. The event served as a comprehensive platform for collaborating, exchanging, promoting, networking and sharing of the best practices and know how of the industry, collecting information on the latest products and technologies, making procurement and much more.

This edition witnessed a huge success with participation from:

  • 200+ exhibitors over 15 countries
  • 1800 +innovative edtech resources & solutions
  • 13,000+educators from over 32 countries & covering all 29 States & 3 Union Territories of India

New elements added to the 10th edition of the event received an overwhelming response from all education stakeholders that include:

  • Round Table Meets
  • Didac Talks
  • MakerSpace & Experiential zone
  • Didac India Mascot – “ED”

The mega Exhibition provided a unique opportunity to showcase the latest trends and technology used by institutions internationally in the fast changing world of education and network across continents with educators and those from the educational supplies and training industry. Over the 3 days of the exhibition, DIDAC INDIA witnessed the presence of thousands of quality visitors from various sectors and segments of the education and training industry and government bodies from 32 countries.

The event proved to be a success receiving an overwhelming response from all the exhibitors, visitors, delegates, media and all the important dignitaries who attended the show. The event concluded successfully with the establishment of important ties and business deals.


A Must Visit For Everyone in the Education & Training Industry

Date:  24th – 26th  September 2019

Timing: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Venue:  BIEC – Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre                 

10th Mile, Tumkur Road, Madavara Post,

Dasanapura Hobli, Bangalore 562 123, INDIA

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EdtechReview Summit & Expo 2019



EdtechReview 2019


EdTechReview Summit 2019 is going to be held in Bengaluru, India on 14-15 Feb 2019. The event expects participation of 1000+ Edtech stakeholders ( Edtech & e-learning startup founders, publishers, investors, venture capitalists, institution owners & heads, educators etc.) through the 2-day SUMMIT | EXPO | PITCH | AWARDS and is going to be India’s biggest gathering in Edtech with global participation. Through a series of interactive sessions, inspirational keynotes, demos, and start-up pitches around 100 international thought leaders and speakers will share their insights & perspectives on the future of EdTech. 

EdTechReview Summit 2019 will explore forward-looking themes with a motive to educate the attendees on both the Indian and global educational technology landscape. Sessions and Panel discussions will focus on mapping and meeting future demand for technology in education, the state, and growth of Edtech in India, Asia and beyond. The Summit will be joined by more than 300 Edtech leaders as we explore current and emerging technology trends that are changing the landscape of education across the globe including India. 

EdTechReview summit 2019 will have over 1000 visitors comprising of potential buyers, partners & educators during the two days. 

Niche forum to showcase, present, interact and network with 1000+ Edtech stakeholders (Edtech & e-learning startup founders, publishers, investors, venture capitalists, institution owners & heads, educators etc.) during the 2-day Summit, Expo, Awards & Pitches.


why attend




Attend and network at the summit and expo with over 1000+ Edtech stakeholders exploring the Indian and global educational technology landscape.


An epic opportunity for EdTech & e-learning startups to pitch to investors, potential buyers, share inspirational & disruptive ideas and get feedback & business.


Nominate your Edtech/e-learning startup in the relevant category and get recognized for your precious efforts in the Edtech system.


Join relevant panel discussions – Engage with your peers and exchange ideas on best practices. Best way to show your thought leadership in the tech sector.


1000+ Edtech stakeholders, you can flash and market your brand by becoming the sponsor and getting access to unique branding, marketing and networking opportunities at the event.


When 1000+ Edtech stakeholders are under one roof, you can’t miss the opportunity to engage with them. Form new partnership, alliances and explore new customer opportunities.

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who can attend
  1. EdTech Start-ups & Entrepreneurs
  2. Investors, PE, VC and Angel investors
  3. Accelerators & Incubators
  4. Education/edtech/Product Companies, Retailers & Distributors
  5. IT & Technology Solution Provides and Suppliers
  6. Corporate – CEOs, CMOs, MD, VP, Management, etc.
  7. Govt. Officials
  8. Freelance Educators, Trainers & Working Professionals
  9. K-12 Teachers & Educators, Principals and School Heads
  10. University, College heads, Decision-makers
  11. Curriculum & Technology Directors, ICT Advisors
  12. Superintendents
  13. Technology Integrators & Trainers
  14. Business and Foundation Leaders
  15. Franchisors & Franchisees looking for prospects
  16. Students looking for Career in EdTech
  17. Anyone interested in the Edtech market


  • Address: 41/3, MG Road , Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560001, INDIA



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